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  • INCREASES EFFICIENCY: Single person, hands-free door installation & handling tool


  • VERSATILE: Works with 1-3/4″ and 2-1/4″ pre-hung or slab doors weighing up to 400 lbs (181.43 kg) (Heavy size)


  • EASY TO USE: Vertically adjustable (door can be leveled in three directions)


  • PREVENTS DAMAGE, INCREASES SAFETY: Freestanding door prevents damage to walls, the door and the installer


  • PREMIUM STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Durable solution that is made in the USA

Door Stud HEAVY Series

SKU: 84-DSA-011
  • Let us Hold the Door for You!


    Installing doors was a time-consuming, tedious and a potentially costly process – until the Door Stud. The Door Stud is a door installation tool that revolutionizes how builders install pre-hung or slab doors. The Door Stud cuts typical installation labor time in half. The Door Stud touts a steel constructed design with a single action clamp and soft-grip handles. This durable tool simplifies the install of 1-3/4-in. and 2-3/4- in. pre-hung or slab doors. With the Door Stud, the installer handles a door once. The Door Stud is vertically adjustable; holding the door upright and leveling the door in three directions for preparation of installation.


    The Door Stud enables the installer to conduct a single person, hands-free installation by mobilizing the door and preventing it from resting against the interior walls of the home; thus preventing damage to the wall, the door and the installer. Once the door installation is complete, the Door Stud is removed from the bottom edge of the door, ready to be used on the next job.

  • Weight 16.6 lbs
    Dimensions 24 x 8 x 3.5 in


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